Claudia Bonfio was awarded with Gold medal EYRA (European Young Researchers’ Award, Early Career level) and Gold Medal EYCA (European Young Chemists’ Award, Early Career level)

EYRA (European Young Researchers’ Award, Early Career level) - given by EuroScience & Elsevier

n July 2022, Claudia attended ESOF2022 in Leiden (NL) and received the European Young Researchers’ Award (sponsored by Elsevier). The European Young Researchers’ Award is awarded every two years by EuroScience to young researchers … Continue Reading ››

Colorful transistors controlled by voltage and pressure

Researchers from the University of Strasbourg and CNRS (France) have fabricated organic light-emitting transistors with long afterglow that can respond to different bionic stimuli. These results have been published in the Science Advances.

Organic light-emitting transistors (OLETs) have attracted a great interest for the past few years as multifunctional optoelectronic … Continue Reading ››