Opening of the European Center for Quantum Sciences

On Monday October 16, 2023, the Université de Strasbourg and the CNRS, with the support of the Région Grand Est and the Eurométropole de Strasbourg, inaugurated the new European Center for Quantum Sciences (CESQ) in Strasbourg. CESQ’s research activities focus on experimental, theoretical and applied quantum sciences in the fields of quantum physics, chemistry, materials, photonics and computer science. The aim of the new center is to accelerate the discovery of new quantum compounds and materials, the development of the field of quantum information based on atomic and molecular qubits and new algorithms, and the design of more efficient and environmentally-friendly chemical processes. An integral part of the University of Strasbourg’s “Initiative of Excellence” strategy, which aims to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of research and teaching, the CESQ, which is attached to the Institut de science et d’ingénierie supramoléculaires – ISIS (CNRS/Unistra), is a major new research tool, international cooperation (notably through the partnership with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) as part of EUCOR – The European Campus) and innovation, with the promise of new cutting-edge technologies with extraordinary potential to revolutionize tomorrow’s society.

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