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Prof. Maria Jesus Vicent “Designing Personalized Polymer-based Combination Nanomedicines for Advanced Stage Breast Cancer Patients”

February 27, 2023 @ 4:30 pm

Prof. Maria Jesus Vicent
Polymer Therapeutics Lab, Prince Felipe Research Center (CIPF) Valencia, Spain

Breast cancer, the most prevalent tumor in women worldwide1, still lacks effective treatment approaches that increase survival rates and reduce side effects. The implementation of polypeptide-based polymer-drug conjugation strategies represents a promising approach2.

The physico-chemical parameters of a polypeptide-conjugate, and hence its biological performance, are defined by an intricate interplay of multiple structural factors. This highlights the need for detailed structure-activity relationship studies to develop the hierarchical strategies of polypeptide conjugate design. However, structural complexity also represents a unique opportunity, since small changes at the structural level might endow nanomedicines with outstanding and unexpected biological performance3,4.

Conjugation of combined anticancer drugs with biodegradable polypeptides offers many advantages when compared with small molecules therapies. It has been already demonstrated that polypeptide-based combination therapy ensures the arrival of two or more drugs at a synergistic ratio to the same cell at the same time, yielding to an improved therapeutic index of already clinically established agents. Importantly, the use of bioresponsive linking chemistry, in particular, towards tumor-specific microenvironmental stimuli, allows the control on drug release kinetics profile and consequently, enhance drug(s) therapeutic output5.



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Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (PID2019108806RB-I00), the European Research Council (Grant ERC-CoG-2014-648831 MyNano, Grant ERC-PoC-2018-825798 Polymmune) and AVI (project INNVAL10/19/047) for financial support. Part of the equipment employed in this work has been funded by Generalitat Valenciana and co-financed with FEDER funds (PO FEDER of Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020).



February 27, 2023
4:30 pm
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ISIS – Salle de conférence


Claudia Bonfio
Giulio Ragazzon