Équipements à l’ISIS

Instruments available at the Nanostructures Laboratory and Nanochemistry Laboratory

Contact : Paolo Samori or Thomas Ebbesen

  • Fully equipped Digital Instruments – Dimension 3100 Scanning Force Microscopy and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, running on a Nanoscope IV control unit. This instrument is equipped with the latest optional (“Nanoman”), combined with Dimensional Closed Loop SPM Microscope Head, which allows to manipulate objects in the nanoscale using the SPM tip.
  • A FEI Dual Beam 235: FIB-SEM-STEM with an ion beam (FIB, ( 5 nm) and electron beam (SEM, (1 nm) which allows state-of-the-art nanofabrication of samples (characterisation, deposition, milling, etc.).
  • Keithley 6517 A Electrometer / High Res. Meter: (resolution 0.1 femtoAmp) interfaced with a PC
  • Spin coater with temperature controlled heating stage
  • Oven for performing thermal annealing in controlled atmospheres
  • Inverted Nikon and Mitutoyo optical microscope, with liquid nitrogen cooled CCD 2D detector and spectrograph for optical measurements of nanoscopic objects.
  • Autolab Galvanostat/Potentiostat for electrochemistry work
  • Spex Fluorolog spectrofluorimeter and Shimadzu UV-VIS spectrophotometer
  • A class 1000 clean room is available for the sample preparation.
  • Emitech sputterer, etc.

Instruments available at Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory

Contact : Martin Karplus

  • facilities for high-performance computing
  • computational chemistry and molecular modeling programs
  • molecular graphics programs

Instruments available at the Laboratory of Molecular Function and Design

Contact : Marco Cecchini

Instruments available at the Supramolecular Chemistry Laboratory

Contact : Jean-Louis Schmitt

  • UV-Visible Spectrometer VARIAN CARY3, working also in variable temperature (-10°C à +100°C)
  • Luminescence Spectrometer SLM AMICO BOWMAN series 2, working also in variable temperature
  • Büchi Melting point B-540
  • Microscope Opronic
  • NMR Bruker AVANCE 400 MHz, with a BBO probe, observable species 1H, 13C, Ag at 31P

Instruments available at the Biological Chemistry Laboratory

Contact : Christian Rick

  • Cell sorter (Daco Cytomation, MoFlo)
  • Inverted microscope (Zeiss, Axiovert 200)
  • High speed camera (Phantom v4.2)
  • Mask aligner (Suss, MJB-3)
  • UV lamp (Dymax, 5000-PC avec cabine d’exposition et rideau électrique d’occultation)
  • Spin coater (Laurell Technologies, WS-400B-6NPP-Lite Single Wafer Spin Processor)
  • Oxygen plasma chamber (GaLa Instrumente, PlasmaPrep2)

Instruments provided by courtesy of other departments at University/CNRS

Contact : Burkhard Bechinger (Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of Membrane Polypeptides)

  • Bruker Avance 400 wide-bore NMR spectrometer with high power linear amplifiers (3 channels)
  • Bruker Avance 500 wide-bore NMR spectrometer with high power linear amplifiers (3 channels)
  • Bruker MSL 300 wide-bore NMR spectrometer with high power amplifiers (2 channels)
  • several commercial and home-built probes for solution and solid-state NMR spectroscopy (wide line and MAS)
  • Hewlett Packard vectorial network analyser, 300 kHz to 1.3 GHz
  • Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 solid impact/R10000, Indigo 2X, O2 and Indy workstations for NMR data analysis
  • Waters HPLC 600 with columns for preparative and analytical polypeptide purification
  • Bischoff HPLC with automatic sample injector and columns for preparative and analytical polypeptide purification
  • Millipore automatic peptide synthesiser
  • Molecular Biology laboratory
  • Laboratory for protein purification including low pressure chromatography, preparative isoelectric focusing, preparative and analytical gel electrophoresis, centrifugation, double-beam UV-VIS spectral photometer Uvicon 922, French press, autoclave, etc.
  • 5 Liter fermenter (credits available)

And also

  • Microarrayer, incubating oven and scanners
  • High resolution NMR instruments (300, 400, 500 MHz instruments)
  • Solid state NMR instruments (300, 400, 500 MHz)
  • LC/MS (ESI/ TOF) and MALDI TOF mass spectrometer
  • Vapor phase osmometry
  • Molecular graphics and modeling facilities
  • Cary UV Spectrophotometer
  • Shimadzu fluorescence spectrophotometer
  • FT-IR spectrometer
  • X-ray diffraction facility
  • Cold room